Complete Flexibility, for Insights, actions, orders

StoreBuddy is solution for CPGs driving a perfect store execution programme. StoreBuddy employs computer vision and AI on a mobile platform. It will empower your sales teams and drive productivity.
StoreBuddy takes images and inputs captured via smartphones and decodes them via our proprietary AI-engine into clear data and class-leading insights. We are proud to not stop there and offer two additional product levels above, one on workflow automation and one on suggested orders.
The magic is that StoreBuddy is generating the actionable insights with total flexibility. The perfect complement to StoreAware in our unique eco-system!

Mobile Power

StoreBuddy empowers you and your field team to capture data in the field with your mobile phones. This means total flexibility in defining what to capture, where and when. A perfect complement to the continuity of StoreAware.
Managers can now decide to enlarge data capture to more stores, to competitive realities, to qualify stores before acquisition rounds, to track promotional execution and so much more.

Surveys, Actions, Orders

StoreBuddy utilizes the same AI-engine of StoreAware so you get class-leading automatic decoding of images into data & insights, workflow automation and the ability to generate suggested orders.
Create surveys to drive your ‘PerfectStore’ programme, check execution of a promotion, run continuous audits of your assets or even have store operators snap images that we turn into a suggested order!
All in all, StoreBuddy takes perfect store execution for CPGs with mobile computer vision to the next level.
We would be happy to listen to your needs and outline the possibilities!

No-Code Configurator

One powerful feature of StoreBuddy is the easy configurator of all functionalities. This means that as a manager you will be able to create new tasks for your team in very little time and see results back just when your team completes the task. No need for an intermediary agency, no time lost.