• Introduction
  • Store execution
  • Sales operations
  • Asset operations
  • Calculation

ROI Calculator

This tool estimates the ROI you will generate from StoreAware and VistaZ. You need to fill in a few key details of your business but all data is anonymous and you can enter it multiple times. Please note that all values are in USD. To get insights into our pricing and commercial terms please get in touch!

Store Execution

Enter key values for the assets that you would consider for StoreAware + VistaZ. Take care not to use total fleet averages if e.g. you plan to only deploy our solutions in your top outlets. In that case use the averages representing that sub-set of your asset fleet.

1. Annual Value Sales Per Asset

I.e. the approximate annual sales that you generate from a single asset that will be connected.

$1000 $30000

More specific calculation

You do not need to fill the below if you want a quick result.

2. Fill in the Average Out-of stocks

In our experience, the average day-to-day out of stock is around 15% and it can be as high as 25%.

5% 25%
3. Target portfolio compliance

I.e. how much you have the exact target portfolio available all the time. When you are world-class, choose 'great'.

Sales Operations

Enter key values regarding your sales & fulfilment teams. They are a major opportunity for more targeted deployment and a big cost factor.

1. Wasted visits

I.e. the percentage of visits by a sales rep that does not result in an order

2. Weekly outlet visits per sales representative

I.e. the average number of stores a sales rep would typically visit in a week

20 150

More specific calculation

You do not need to fill the below if you want a quick result.

3. Weekly visits to target assets

I.e. the weekly visit frequency of a sales rep to one of the stores that you consider for StoreAware + VistaZ

0 5
4. Monthly all-in cost of sales representative

I.e. approximate total cost to the company of a single sales rep - consider the full cost include car, equipment etc.

$2000 $15000
5. Average time spent on repetitive tasks/visit

I.e. how much time in a visit a sales rep would be busy counting stock, checking on the assets, preparing an order etc.

Asset Operations

In this section we address the fact that every CPG loses assets annually. It is important as StoreAware gives you full control over your assets.

1. Percentage of lost assets annually

I.e. the average percentage of your asset fleet that is declared lost annually. World-class is low single-digits.

1% 25%

Your Calculated ROI


This is the expected ROI for a single installation based on the input you have provided! As you can see it's a pretty massive number. Our account team would be most happy to explain you more about it and importantly, how you can get started to get that value!

Total net benefits (after costs)

This is the total net benefit value per single asset per year. Below you have the break-down into its constituent parts.

Sales value uplift from better Store Execution

A part of the 'total net benefit' above. It reflects the upside from less out-of-stocks, better asset utilisation and a better portfolio present in your assets.

Cost Savings from Sales Operations Efficiencies

A part of the 'total net benefit' above. It is the value of deploying your sales & fulfilment efforts in a more targeted way. Good-bye to blind sales routes and unproductive sales calls. OK, not entirely, but with StoreAware you will drastically drive up productivity!

Cost Savings from Asset Operations Efficiencies

A part of the 'total net benefit' above. This is the value per single asset per year of losing less assets annually because you are more in control. We do not assume that you will lose nil, but our solution will help you bring your losses down which means less capex for you.