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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about CoolR, you’ll likely find the answers below in our list of frequently asked questions. We strive to address common queries comprehensively. However, if your specific question is not covered, please feel free to reach out to us by filling out our contact form. We’re here to help!

We are delighted to hear that and always excited to find talent to join our team! Please do not hesitate to fill in the contact form on this site or alternatively reach out via LinkedIn to one of our team members. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Currently sales teams effectively act blindly. Before visiting an outlet they do not know which customer to call or what to offer. With “Suggested Orders” we make your sales team act with incredible focus and impact. They know which customer to call and what exactly to offer, which means less visits without a sale, targeting the customers with the highest value opportunity, stocking the right products on the delivery van, spending less time in the outlet on transactional order taking but on value-added client conversations…
“Suggested Orders” can be implemented in different ways. You can simply have the information be passed to the telesales team daily so they know whom to call. You can simply pass the information to the field sales reps, so they know whom to visit. You can feed it into Marketo/Magento to have your e-commerce solutions present sharply prepared order recommendations…
Note that “Suggested Orders” is the 3rd level of our products StoreAware and StoreBuddy. Opting for this level means you get all the benefits of level 1 “Insights” and level 2 “Workflow Automation” as well!

Instead of key data sitting in the BI system and waiting to be discovered by your team, the right team member will be automatically alerted to take the right corrective action. Imagine situations like these: data pointing to a sales opportunity, a competitive move, a hardware issue or the like. You can configure exactly who should be alerted, under which conditions, with which frequency and in which way (alerts to our mobile app, email, text, summary reports etc).
What this means is that you cut down the time and effort required to turn insights into corrective actions which means less costs and a faster path to growth. Why should someone manually filter out issues repeatedly and pass it to the relevant team member, if our engine can do that for you?
Note that “Workflow Automation” is the 2nd level of our products StoreAware and StoreBuddy. Opting for this level means you still get all the benefits of level 1 “Insights” but not yet the benefits of level 3 “Suggested Orders”.

We have several years of experience across ambient, chilled and frozen categories and are confident that we can make it work for you, too.
Please get in touch so a member of our team will be most happy to listen to you and explore opportunities. In a subsequent step we typically offer clients to do a pilot phase for which we have very attractive packages that allow you to try our solution out in real life with minimal expense and effort.

With our solution you will see a significant growth in same-store sales by reducing out-of-stocks and improving the quality of the mix present. Our solutions will further enable you to reduce cost-to-serve via an increased efficiency in sales and fulfilment. This will come from reducing the percentage of unproductive visits and from reducing the time wasted on repetitive tasks during the store visit. The latter two can be re-invested into driving growth, driving a higher store coverage or taken as savings. Lastly, you will benefit from reducing the percentage of lost assets through improved control and connectivity. What our clients find most difficult to quantify, but often get very much excited about, is the value of the data generated.
All in all the ROI on our solutions will be outstandingly attractive. Head over to the ROI calculator page to explore it for yourself or directly get in touch!

Playbook is our insights and control platform for all solutions: StoreAware, StoreBuddy and VistaZ. It allows you to configure our products, manage your data and extract insights.
However, you can possibly use StoreAware or StoreBuddy with very limited use of Playbook. If you have your own BI environment and we arrange all integrations you will probably be a light user of Playbook – only for essential product configurations you would you still want to go to Playbook.

Yes, absolutely! Infact, we do encourage this as it will very much drive adoption and usage for greater benefits. To make this work practically we have the ability to set up accounts on Playbook such that your partners access only their own, clearly delineated area without a risk of accessing the information of other partners. Further we can always define whether it would not be more productive to send certain data out to partners (e.g. via APIs, emails etc).

Yes, you absolutely can. We offer rich automation and integration capabilities and are ‘API first’ as a company. We very much believe that Playbook is a great platform for you to work with, particularly at the beginning of your journey with us, but we are 100% supportive to integrate the data streams into your environments if that is what you desire and what will add the greatest value to you.

We have a visual AI engine that is proprietary to CoolR Group and has been built and refined over several years. We use it to decode images into useable, actionable data which is then passed onto Playbook where we have a highly developed engine that converts that data into insights, alerts for workflow automation or suggested orders – following multiple conditions you defined. AI is therefore at the heart of what we do but we like to consider it only an enabler to generate value for your business.

Yes, you absolutely can! We very much encourage clients to have other, existing IOT devices utilise the communication capabilities of VistaZ so that you stream data from your assets only once into the cloud instead of having two or more devices connect in parallel from the same asset. One example would be if you already had smart controllers that could then send their data to a VistaZ which then uploads all together. Additionally, Playbook offers you the ability to manage your existing IOT data in one place so you do have the advantage of a single point of data analytics and control.