Continuous Insights,
actions & orders

StoreAware is our AI software solution to drive commercial execution excellence. It will revolutionise the value you generate from your connected coolers.
StoreAware takes images taken from fixed IoT cameras like our VistaZ and transforms them via our proprietary AI-engine into clear data & class-leading insights. All without sending someone to visit the outlet!
We do not stop there. We excel by offering you workflow automation with alerts & notifications sent to the right team members in near-realtime and even creating suggested orders!

Level 1 “Insights”

StoreAware always provides you with an unprecedented quality of insights into your in-store realities with a rich set of various shelf and in-store KPIs and BI functionalities. Given the always-on nature of the data feed from VistaZ cameras you have daily granularity and not just a few snapshots of data based on mobile-based solutions.
With StoreAware you will be able to reduce your out-of-stocks, improve the quality of the landed portfolio, compliance with your targets, optimise sales visits and fulfilment cycles, reduce unproductive time in the field. And finally greatly improve your asset control.

Level 2 “Workflow Automation”

With StoreAware you will identify and act swiftly on the many opportunities shown up. Rather than running daily through a BI system, hunting for actionable insights, we automate the process for you. That is what we call “Workflow Automation”.
You can select the most fitting parameters and conditions from a rich set and even define the automated action that StoreAware will trigger.
Imagine how StoreAware will alert your sales teams in real-time on stock-outs, sending marketing teams a weekly summary on core product availability or competitive moves, notifying asset managers with an immediate alert if something is wrong with your assets etc.

Level 3 “Suggested Orders”

The biggest opportunity for growth and even the biggest cost both lie in transactional order taking and fulfilment. And even your team cannot be in all stores at the same time. So you miss an opportunity in one store, while having an unproductive call to another. “Suggested Orders” of StoreAware does change this!
Our AI-engine in StoreAware is capable to generate an order suggestion for each asset & each store. It does that while fully observing the key parameters you defined (minimum order quantities, delivery days etc).
Some clients have the suggested orders sent to the mobile phones of the sales representative, some as a summary to telesales, others have them sent to shop operators, others again opt for truly automated fulfilment. We will happily advise you how you can get the best ROI.

Flexible Integrations

Our deep belief is that our solutions need to fit your business, not the other way round. Therefore flexibility in integration is one of our key pillars of success. We are ‘API first’ as we believe this ensures the most seamless experience and reliable, continuous service but we do have alternative smart solutions for you if you choose to start that way.
Additionally we offer a wide range of automation formats to ensure we pass the right insight or actionto the right team member smoothly. StoreAware is an AI software solution to drive our retail execution excellence in ways that fit your structures, processes and systems!

When I use StoreAware I feel like I am in the future. This type of automation feels like something taken from the year 2050

Client Account Manager, Unilever