A unique eco-system
of AI and IoT solutions for retail execution

  • Retrofit existing assets with VistaZ to enable continuous insights
  • Leverage the power of our AI-driven SaaS platform StoreAware
  • Increase store coverage flexibly through smartphone-based StoreBuddy
  • Dive into the insights, actions and suggested orders on Playbook
  • Integrate your existing IOT data on Playbook for a single BI approach


Continuous Insights, Actions & Orders

StoreAware will revolutionise the value you generate from your coolers. It takes images taken from fixed IOT cameras like our VistaZ and transforms them via our proprietary AI-engine into clear data & class-leading insights, workflow automation and suggested orders!

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Transform your assets. Stream insights.

VistaZ is our market-leading IoT camera that is easily retrofittable into existing assets in a matter of minutes. No cables, no plugs, just a simple peel&stick action by any field team member to place it on the glass door. From there on, the unit will automatically take images and upload them to the CoolR servers for processing by our AI-engine.

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Complete Flexibility, for Insights, Actions, Orders

StoreBuddy will empower your sales teams and drive productivity even further. It takes images and inputs captured via smartphones and decodes it via our proprietary AI-engine into clear data & class-leading insights, actions and even suggested orders. The magic is therefore the flexibility in deciding where, what and when to capture.

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