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CoolR provides advanced, end-to-end, IoT-based visual AI solutions for CPG brands and retailers

CoolR helps CPG’s and retailers take control of demand and ensure the right products are in the right place at the right time.

We monitor refrigerated, frozen, and ambient shelves, collecting data on out-of-stock opportunities, product performance and execution audits. We then integrate visual AI decision-making into everyday commercial execution.
We specialize in remote, unbiased monitoring, enabling high-performance results for sales uplift and cost reduction programs in our partners. 

Flexibility is our key point of differentiation - our solution is built so that it is configurable to our clients’ way of working. Whether using cameras or smartphones to generate images, we aim to integrate with current process and then suggest actions and improvements that your team can really deliver.

We take great pride in always working to a business case and helping to leverage data - not just provide it to you and hope for the best!  So talk to us today and find out how our clients across the globe are delivering improved results by working with CoolR!


  • Minimize out-of-stock events in POS assets or store shelves

  • Analyze performance by SKU

  • Identify value and type of sales uplift opportunities

  • Automation of out-of-stock replenishment and other key commercial execution decisions

  • Maximize sales and value from sales rep visits, both for own personnel and third party agencies

  • Introduce 'live' data-driven sales rep visit routing

    ... and many more

Playbook: CoolR’s commercial execution and analytics software platform


​Every customer deployment we have delivered is unique.
However, there are common components:

  • The Playbook platform

  • Specialized hardware

  • Advanced analytics

  • Process workflow design

  • Customer/partner data management & system integration

  • Strategy development & Account Management


  • We've delivered sales uplift of over 65% vs current stock replenishment methodologies

  • We've delivered ROI of over 500%

  • Stock is being replenished over 48 hours faster using our solution

  • We've increased sales operations efficiency by over 15%

Playbook: CoolR’s commercial execution and analytics software platform
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