Boosting CPG Retail Execution with
continuous computer vision & AI

transformational growth boost

Typically in away-from-home markets with many tens of thousands of outlets CPGs have no way to know what is on the shelf, which products are missing, which customers would need a visit etc. – except if they go to the store. However, calling customers blindly and sending teams on pre-defined routes is a significant investment of time & money and impacts your carbon footprint. Not to mention that even then you never have the actual shelf and consumer sales data.

CoolR offers a system for connecting you directly to your assets – exactly understanding the on-shelf reality and recommending best actions. This application of continuous computer vision and AI boosts retail execution for CPGs to another level.


As a B2B solutions provider we are focused on understanding your business needs and requirements before offering a solution. Equally we engage throughout to ensure that the right tool is perfectly fitting your operational needs. Our tools & systems have lots of flexibility built-in for that reason.

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