Boosting growth while lowering cost2serve

The leading ice cream brand in the Nordics uses a direct distribution model that is highly effective but costly. StoreAware helps the team to drive ultra-targeted execution which has not just lifted growth significantly but even helped reduce cost2serve and shrink the truck fleet!

The Challenge

Ice cream highly volatile driven by weather more than other categories
High velocity due to successful brands and great innovations
Very high per capita consumption
Expert and effective direct distribution model but very costly for each store visit – how to direct the sales teams more efficiently?
How to ensure the right products are stocked on the trucks?
How to lower time for each visit?

The Solution

CoolR provided the brand with an integrated eco-system of solutions.
The freezers were equipped with Vista cameras and connected to our StoreAware platform. StoreAware was configured for ‘suggested orders’ therefore providing both near-real-time shelf insights and automatically generating suggested orders when hitting the threshold values set by our client. The output of our order engine was then fed to the telesales team and the fulfilment teams.
This meant that….

The Impact

The Unilever Ice Cream team was incredibly fast to adopt the solution and reaped huge rewards. Van sales or hot-sales as some companies call them were reduced from 40% to 18%, due to a shift to much more targeted telesales support. Telesales was equipped with the StoreAware ‘suggested orders’ and thus could make very specific, relevant and successful calls.
The implementation led to an amazing zero wasted visits and in fulfilment the right products were always loaded onto the trucks so even the last stores got the right products they needed.
Perhaps most importantly the StoreAware equipped stores outperformed all other stores by +39% while the total truck fleet was reduced by 15%!



The Lessons Learned

Particularly in route to market models with a high cost-to-serve solutions like StoreAware play out a huge strength and will generate a positive impact very quickly.

Directing teams to the right outlet at the right moment in time will not only drive growth for your business but allow you to reduce your truck fleet, have better capacity utilization and a lower carbon footprint.

Improving your customer service by coming at the right point in time and cutting the time in store will be loved by your retail partners.