Device Debugging for Not Showing in Scan and No Network

1. For device debugging, the following tools are required:
1.1. ESD gloves (recommended)
1.2. Plastic pry tools
1.3. Philips #00 or PH00 M4 screwdriver
1.4. VistaZ

2. Please check if the device is appearing in the scan by going to Device Monitor in the CoolR application.
2.1. Also, check if another VistaZ is appearing in the scan.
3. If the device is still not appearing in the scan, please open the 4 screws on the battery cover.
4. Use a plastic pry tool to open the battery cover.
5. Use the plastic pry tool to remove the battery.
6. Verify that the switch is in the ON position by moving it to the right.
7. Verify that the device serial number on the enclosure matches the serial number on the PCB.
8. Please check your mobile phone signal at the time of installation.
9. Ensure that the SIM is fully inserted.
10. If required, use the plastic pry tool to ensure the SIM is properly inserted.
11. Bring the battery terminals closer.
12. Reinsert the battery, ensuring proper connection to both the negative (-) and positive (+) terminals.
13. Close the 4 screws on the battery cover