Instead of key data sitting in the BI system and waiting to be discovered by your team, the right team member will be automatically alerted to take the right corrective action. Imagine situations like these: data pointing to a sales opportunity, a competitive move, a hardware issue or the like. You can configure exactly who should be alerted, under which conditions, with which frequency and in which way (alerts to our mobile app, email, text, summary reports etc).
What this means is that you cut down the time and effort required to turn insights into corrective actions which means less costs and a faster path to growth. Why should someone manually filter out issues repeatedly and pass it to the relevant team member, if our engine can do that for you?
Note that “Workflow Automation” is the 2nd level of our products StoreAware and StoreBuddy. Opting for this level means you still get all the benefits of level 1 “Insights” but not yet the benefits of level 3 “Suggested Orders”.