Equipping their coolers with Vista cameras and having data processed by the StoreAware platform will give unprecedented insights into everyday store execution levels. This has been demonstrated by several clients and here we show examples from separate cases where the data insight was of enormous upside value.

For the fastest growing pet food company in the US CoolR provided StoreAware with ‘workflow automation’ to ensure that merchandisers are only alerted to go to outlets when and where needed. In a second phase the project was expanded to even capture the before & after of a merchandiser’s visit to ascertain the work was done and the ROI of the visit secured.

We are proud and delighted to share that CoolR Group has been honored with the ‘Best Business Model Innovation’ award by the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable’s (BIER) Coolition at the occasion of the meeting end of October in Leuven, Belgium.

The leading ice cream brand in the Nordics uses a direct distribution model that is highly effective but costly. StoreAware helps the team to drive ultra-targeted execution which has not just lifted growth significantly but even helped reduce cost2serve and shrink the truck fleet!

One of the world’s leading ice cream companies has been utilizing CoolR’s system of StoreAware with Vista cameras to significantly uplift performance in large format grocery stores.
The brand was looking for a 10% increase in sales using CoolR’s solutions and has achieved results way above this original target. And impressively, this uplift came despite the starting point being orders based on ePOS data!