StoreAware is a highly differentiated SaaS solution from several points of view.
First, StoreAware offers three distinct outputs: insights, workflow automation and lastly automatic order suggestions. We don’t just provide KPIs and dashboards with troves of valuable information, but seek to automate critical tasks directly from there to drive your business performance and efficiency of your teams. Workflow automation means that you can configure specific alerts and actions based on a variety of input events – imagine a text message sent immediately to a service technician in the case of a detected issue or a summary email going once per week to the marketing lead summarizing competitive appearances in your assets. Order suggestions are worth gold for all sales teams as we decode product presence and stock levels into orders – not just does your sales team know whom to call or visit, but even what to offer!
Secondly, all of that is delivered based on images and data coming from fixed cameras like our VistaZ. We cannot emphasize this last aspect enough as nearly all solutions in the market are based exclusively on smartphone-based capture which means that you depend on store visits to capture data – this results in patchy data, no continuity or time-critical actions and importantly eliminates the opportunity for your teams to work differently.
Thirdly, we employ a powerful AI-engine to deliver all the above and decode images with a proven accuracy of >98%.