Revolutionize CPG Sales Execution with the leading PoS Camera & SaaS Solution

Optimize the productivity of your PoS assets with CoolR

Do you own or service coolers/freezers/assets in retail outlets? Ensure the right products are always available with CoolR’s continuous insights, alerts, and recommendations. It’s like having a virtual sales rep for just cents per visit!

Easily install a VistaZ camera from CoolR in under 5 minutes to receive daily updates on:

    Revolutionize your sales execution standards with CoolR!

    With a VistaZ IoT camera in an asset you get continuous data streamed to you continuously

    StoreAware AI decodes the images & sensor data into insights, actions, orders

    Your teams have now realtime insights to act with precision & impact

    Your teams can capture additional insights in non-connected assets with StoreBuddy